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Welcome Back!

Well! Who would have thought that I'd ever return to live journal after so many years!! I stopped writing things down, but I used to enjoy it so much! I figured I'd give it another try to see if it still helps me feel better. I guess I grew up a little, and writing my thoughts down seems silly and somewhat dangerous. But, I dont think anyone is going to find me around here!

What I mostly want to do here is talk about some of my goals. This way I can start building a mental picture of them, and actually realize when i achieve them!! I'm also having a hard time just setting goals in general. So, I figured the best way to start was to make a list that i can add to later!!

As far as short-term goals go, right now there is only one: stay away from my brother. As usual, we are fighting during the holiday seasons. Usually I get sad and think of ways to mend our relationship in time to celebrate Christmas with my family. This holiday however, I want to just forget about him. One of my goals is to come up with some sort of tradition that's JUST FOR MYSELF. Something that I do just to be there for ME. I have no idea what kind of tradition, but by this Christmas I WILL have on.

My next goal is to NOT drop any of the 5 classes I'm taking next semester.
Become more self reliant.
Spend more time walking Ruger.
Get better at doing laundry :/

I guess these arent very good goals, really. The list will need some improvement...What's important though, is that I'm writing stuff down. It DOES feel much better. I know these words are going absolutely nowhere...but maybe that's why it's a good thing.

I shall return and hopefully next time, I'll have a better goal to reach by the end of the month besides staying away from my brother!!

It was nice to talk to you again...uh...livejournal. :]
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